“The Human Heart” by  VampireDragonGirl66 with Creative Commons License

How long has this been going on…..? Songs of heartache, revenge,

compassion, and redemption on the next “Road Tunes Sessions”
and “Rock of Ages.”

Heartache? Best friend take your girl? All your friends knew before you?
Or maybe you lost your dog? Are you ready to cry in your beer or feel like
torching something? The human condition. It can suck. 

Join guest host DJ Philo Beto Tuesday 9/9 from 8-10pm and again Friday 9/19 3-5pm as we take our heart in our
hands and and offer to the gods of West Coast Honky Tonk, singers and crooners with their hearts on their sleeves and rock roll
for good measure. Good music is the best revenge. Sharing it with others is perhaps a chance to love again.