f-n-g-logo-bestPeople no doubt say that we are cousins, identical cousins, and that Frank adores the minuet, the Ballet Russe and crepes Suzette, while George loves to rock ‘n’ roll, a hot dog makes him lose control, but that just confuses the issue and puzzles anyone not old enough to remember The Patty Duke Show. What this week’s FnG is about is songs that sound the same, at least to one of the two of us. Now, we mostly tried to avoid any of the most obvious lawsuits, so don’t expect George Harrison and “My Sweet Lord.” But Frank might draw a line from Satie to Bill Evans, or from KT Tunstall to Miles Davis, and George has got some interesting pairs himself, like Tom Petty and The Strokes or Bow Wow Wow and Benny Goodman (think that big Gene Krupa beat).

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