Tonight on “Art of Peace,” join host Philip Levasseur for an Aral adventure with sounscape pioneer Bernie Krause. Of his next broadcast, Phillip writes, “Beaver & Krause’s album In A Wild Sanctuary, recorded in 1968 and ’69, had been the first to incorporate natural soundscapes as an integral component of the orchestration, and to address the theme of ecology (coincidentally it was also the first album to be encoded in quadraphonic sound and surround sound). Krause’s term for this symphony is ‘biophony’: the sound of all living organisms except us. After a lifetime of field, lab, and soundscape production experience, Krause combined in an astonishing story clarifying, among other themes, how animals taught us to dance and sing! Krause’s book, ‘The Great Animal Orchestra’ reveals a true adventure in Soundscape Ecology.” And make sure to catch the first half of “Art of Peace,” when Phillip will discuss SweetHearts Bakery’s mission to make life a little bit sweeter for children in Rwanda.

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