Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user Jerelconstantino

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user Jerelconstantino

Of his next broadcast, host Dick Flacks writes:

Soundtrack for Isla Vista Travail

Tuesday, 20,000 folks (mostly students) came together to mourn the six deaths resulting from the Isla Vista ‘rampage’—one of many ways that community grief and solidarity are being expressed.

Some who spoke explicitly wanted to avoid immediate attention to the ‘why’ –wanting to be able to express feeling rather than intellectualize. But Richard Martinez, whose son Christopher Michaels-Martinez was one of the victims, used his time to focus on ‘what we all can do’, saying grief and compassion was not as pertinent as raising a unified voice  to halt the spread of weapons that enable mass killing.

He led us in chanting ‘not one more!” so that the politicians might hear. Meanwhile, another hashtag campaign: ‘#yesallwomen’ has resulted in more than a million posts describing experiences of anti-woman violence—and a number of writers have detailed Elliot Rodger’s immersion in the culture of misogyny.

This week I’ll try to represent these themes in song—the grief, the campaign to stop gun violence, the effort to expose and counter misogyny.

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