Of his next broadcast, “Culture of Protest” host Prof. Dick Flacks writes: “KCSB launched its annual fund drive [yesterday]… The station is celebrating its 50th anniversary providing an astonishing variety of musics and cultures and public affairs programming. We carry Amy Goodman and Al-Jazeera news, and a lot of good locally based reportage.

Robinson & Flacks of KCSB at 50th Anniversary Celebration Event

I’ve been on the air with the ‘Culture of Protest’ for almost 30 years. It’s been a great chance for me to learn a lot about the inter-relating of the musical and the political and to share songs of struggle from the past and the immediate present.

I hope you’ll participate in the fund drive. In return, I’m offering copies of some shows that may be of interest…and a brand new album of political satire by Roy Zimmerman.

You can make a pledge by sending me an email at rflacks@igc.org, providing your name, address, phone and donation amount. The basic membership levels are $25 for UCSB students and $50 for non-students. For a basic pledge, you can request one of the following:

Songs of the Depression I or Songs of the Depression II: these shows done at the start of the bank crisis three years ago are compilations of old and new interpretations of songs about banks, hard times, financial panic etc. from the 1930s.

Songs for #OWS: a recent show featuring songs right off the streets of the Wall St. Occupation and some new and old songs about banksterism.

You’re Getting Sleepy” Master political song satirist Roy Zimmerman (of The Foremen) has donated his brand new CD of highly pertinent pieces hilariously advancing ‘de-mock-cracy”

We’ll play samples from all of these on the air this Thursday and next @ 6-7pm.

Pick any one of these for a basic membership–3 for $75, and a $100 donation will get you all of them.”

“Culture of Protest” airs on Thursdays from 6-7pm in the Fall.