Photo by Todd V WolfsonOn Monday, November 17, be sure to tune in to 91.9FM from 1-3pm for Eternal Sunshine of the Melodic Mind with host Meredith and guest-host Yibing Guo (of Las Flores), which will feature a surprise performance by indie folk band Wild Child! Thiss stopping by KCSB for a visit and play some songs in-studio as they continue touring the West Coast., and the band will be arriving at an undisclosed time, so catch the full show or keep updated on Twitter (@KCSB). Yibing writes about the band:

“Wild Child is a six-piece folk band from Austin, TX. Their sound? It is hard to describe, but it is definitely the type of sound that gives chills and makes you wonder and reminisce. Kelsey Wilson’s voice is angelical, yet powerful and, combined with Alexander Beggins’ sugary baritone the result is the perfect amount of harmony, sweetness and nostalgia. The craftsmanship of their music can be felt through every single note: a cello, violin, keyboards, ukulele, bass, drums and an occasional trumpet. All these layers make Wild Child’s music perfect for happy, nostalgic and peaceful days. Their lyrics narrate love stories of dreamers, their broken hearts, and everything else in-between.
I cried the first time I saw them live a month ago; it was beautiful.

Hopefully you’ll join us and feel the blissfulness of their tunes through our airwaves too.”

Eternal Sunshine of the Melodic Mind airs Mondays in the Fall from 1-3pm.