Defending the University: A Teach-In on the Current Crisis
* Part One: Panel Discussions & Speeches in Campbell Hall (3 to 7 p.m.)
* Part Two: Breakout Workshops & Where Do We Go From Here? Discussion (7 to 10 p.m.)
* Special Feature: Ruth Gilmore on budget-draining prison complex
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* Part One *
Student Voices:
Erica Stenz, Exercise and Sports Studies Campaign
Nayra Pacheco, IDEAS (Improving Dreams, Equality, Access, & Success)
Joel Mardujano, Associated Students Legislative Council Representative
Meaning of the Teach-In:
Dean David Marshall, UCSB
Nelson Lichtenstein, Professor of History, UCSB: Clark Kerr’s
forgotten legacy
The Crisis at the University of California:
Michael Brown, UCSB, Gevirtz School of Education (invited)
Stan Glantz, Professor of Medicine, UC San Francisco, past chair of UC
Committee on Planning and Budget: UC’s budget blunders
Robert Samuels, President, UC-American Federation of Teachers: Why the
furloughs are unnecessary
Christine Petit, President, UAW Local 2865, (The union for TAs, readers
and tutors): The teaching experience under stress
Robert Meister, Professor of Political Science, UC Santa Cruz, President,
UC Faculty Associations: What is faculty governance?
California Politics: What Reforms Do We Need?:
Aranye Fradenburg, Professor of English, UCSB
Ruth Gilmore, Professor of Ethnicity and Geography, University of
Southern California: The Budget-draining prison complex
Lenny Goldberg, California Tax Reform Association 25
Kent Wong, Director, UCLA Labor Center: A “Dream Act” for
Undocumented students
Sharde Davis, UCSB: Stop rising fees!

* Part Two *
Breakout Sessions *

University 101: Student-Friendly Breakdown of the UC System and the Budget Crisis
Campus Left: Educate and Escalate, No Surrender in Defense of Learning
Where Do We Go From Here?
Hannah Beth Jackson, former South Coast Assemblywoman
Janelle Mungo, Human Rights Coalition, UCSB: What students can do.
Loni Hancock, Chair, California State Senate: Ending the Sacramento deadlock
George Lakoff, Professor of Linguistics, UC Berkeley: Framing the issues
Open Microphone

* Special Feature *
Ruth Gilmore: The Budget-draining prison complex