Technicolor Hearts is a duo that “combines… dreamy psych pop… with arts and crafts rock, orchestral and synth layering, raw folk and storybook rhyme”

Courtesy image.

Technicolor Hearts’ Naomie Cherie & Joseph Salazar (Photo by Elizabeth Ray).

Based in Austin, Texas, multi-instrumentalist Joseph Salazar and vocalist/violinist Naomie Cherie (a former member of the Sacramento/Austin group Agent Ribbons) spent the better part of this spring and summer enjoying Southern California and touring the west coast.

Now on their return trip to Texas, the pair will stop by the KCSB-FM studios for a live performance, interview, and guest DJ set. Tune in between 11am-1pm to experience their magic.

“The Freak Power Ticket” with host Ted Coe airs on Mondays in the Summer from 11am-1pm PDT.