In The KCSBeat, the Santa Barbara Independent‘s column on the people and programs that make the station what it is, Colin Marshall writes up Friday afternoon’s news, punk, and metal mix Doom Corporation and its host, The Chemist:

Throughout the show, the studio phone kept ringing and ringing. “KCSB complaint hotline,” The Chemist would answer, but every caller seemed to be a satisfied customer. Perhaps this combination of niche music and niche issues is statistically unlikely to attract such a response, but these listeners were engaged. “I started noticing that the people calling were in their 50s and 60s, and I couldn’t figure it out,” The Chemist said. “Then they told me that they tune in for the news, and turn the radio down when I play music. Of course, some people turn the music up and the news down.”

It’s reasonably safe to say that this combination is available nowhere but on KCSB, and the station’s freeform programming philosophy fits perfectly with The Chemist’s own. “I believe college radio has a responsibility to fill a niche,” he said. “You need to do what KCRW doesn’t do, or if you do do it, you need to do it better than KCRW does. All musical genres have certain albums which nail it on every song, so you can make a good show out of any of them. Except R&B slow jams.”

Read all about it here. Doom Corporation airs every Friday at noon.