ROCK IT PROPERLYDJ Darla Bea writes: “Tonight, a lesson from the school of Rock It Properly on the ‘Genealogy of Rock Music.’

Starring: Rockabilly, Doo Wop, Surf, The British Invasion, Garage, Pop rock, Blues-rock, Folk rock, Psychedelic rock, Prog rock, Jazz rock, Glam rock, Heavy Metal/Hard rock, Punk rock, New Wave, Alt/Grunge, Britpop and Digital electronic rock

Darlapedia: ‘Since its early development rock music has been associated with rebellion against social and political norms, most obviously in early rock and roll’s rejection of an adult-dominated culture, the counter-culture’s rejection of consumerism and conformity and punk’s rejection of all forms of social convention, however, it can also be seen as providing a means of commercial exploitation of such ideas and of diverting youth away from political action.’

Join me Darla Bea as we get ready to Rock Out tonight!”

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