This week in the Independent‘s column on KCSB, The KCSBeat, Colin Marshall bids farewell to Denis Dutton, aesthetic philosopher, founder of Arts & Letters Daily, ridiculer of bad academic writing, two-time guest on The Marketplace of Ideas, and KCSB’s general manager when it went FM:

Though I suspect all his accomplishments would prove too numerous to list, I must mention that Dutton taught unusual philosophy courses, played the sitar, founded the misunderstood Climate Debate Daily, and helped KCSB become the station it is today. Joining its staff as a UC Santa Barbara undergrad in the early 1960s, Dutton held the position of general manager at KCSB when it made the leap from AM to FM in 1963. He was there to oversee KCSB’s election coverage; he was there to manage the broadcasts as news of John F. Kennedy’s assassination broke; he was there, as other early KCSBers have told me, to dart out of bed and into the station to reprimand DJs who would dare jeopardize the station’s license by broadcasting the then-rebellious genre of rock and roll in the middle of the night.

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