This week in the Independent‘s column on KCSB, The KCSBeat, Colin Marshall highlights the finest broadcasts in the first year of Poodle Radio, the show of the Santa Barbara Independent:

The current version of Poodle Radio, official radio program of the Indy, first broadcast on January 16, 2010. Maybe that’s not quite the right word; while the show was indeed cast outward, it wasn’t cast all that broadly. The program wouldn’t make the leap to KCSB-FM for a few months, so Poodle Radio’s re-premiere after an eight-month hiatus went out live only over KJUC-AM, KCSB’s training station.

Since I’ve been doing hosting duty all the while, I’ve enjoyed Poodle Radio’s evolution and, on my better days, even helped that evolution along a bit. I’ve picked out ten particularly choice segments from the show’s archives so far, so if you’ve been a dedicated Poodle Radio listener, have fun revisiting them. If you haven’t been any kind of Poodle Radio listener at all, here’s the perfect chance to get an introduction.

Read the whole thing here.