This week in the Independent‘s column on KCSB, The KCSBeat, Colin Marshall tunes in once again to the hours between midnight and 6 a.m. in search of the most fascinating radio experimentation this station has to offer:

Monday, 2 a.m. Who could resist a show called Beethoven by the Beach? KCSB having had few classical programs in recent years, I find the prospect of any new one exciting, especially one airing at a weird hour that acknowledges the incongruity of the material and the surroundings. But wait — what if it’s just a clever title for just another couple hours of middle-of-the-night eclecticism? It’s been known to happen. But when host Marittza Padilla says, “I know I’m such a nerd, but I’m going to play for you, starting off, a piece by Shostakovich, his Symphony Number 11,” I know the mixing board is in good hands. “It’s this epic moment where you just picture armies and chaos,” she says of the second movement’s crescendo, “going ‘Pow pow pow pow pow pow pow!’ It’s just really great.”

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