New in The KCSBeat, the Independent‘s column on what KCSB was, is, and will be, Colin Marshall returns to the music library for another exploration. This time, he combs the hip-hop shelves for records that aren’t like what he usually comes across in the genre:

The first thing I noticed is that hip-hopping KCSBers throughout the years have been pretty enthusiastic about the comment stickers. These are little blank white labels slapped on the album covers that provide DJs a space to express their opinion on the music contained within. Whether fresh or wack, ill or a vector of illness, the hip-hop available in KCSB’s music library has roused many a browser to pick up a Sharpie and evaluate.
This helped me seek out albums that looked promising, given that I didn’t have much else to go on. I tried to put myself in the mind of someone with very little hip-hop experience who nevertheless wants to do a hip-hop show. Such an enterprise might sound doomed to failure, but step back a bit and it doesn’t look like a bad idea at all. I’d actually like to hear such a program on KCSB, one of the vanishingly few broadcast venues that would accept it. If I’ve learned anything from my greater project of profiling the station’s DJs, it’s that most of them learn about their music of choice even as they present it to the listening audience. How fun would it be, musically as well as narratively, to follow someone’s journey toward figuring out an entire musical tradition live, on the air, in real time?

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