This week in the Independent‘s column on KCSB, The KCSBeat, Colin Marshall sits in on The Left Lane, Chelsea Lauwerein’s Sunday-afternoon session of surf and psychedelic rock:

“I was never one of those teenybopper, Britney Spears types,” she remembered. “I was always like, ‘I want to listen to The Doors!’ Pop is always so peppy. Sometimes you want more Halloweeny music, or a surf song to chill out to.” She’d settled into classic rock, only to have her musical worldview unexpectedly expanded by a visit to a Laguna Beach surf shop. Just stopping in to buy a t-shirt, she happened upon a live performance by eclectic Long Beach surf-country-rockers The Growlers. “I was like, ‘Who are these people?’”

When she listened only to classic rock, a problem arose: “All those people are dead or really old, so it’s not the same. But when I heard The Growlers, I pictured The Doors.” Composing her Left Lane playlists with a strong favor toward new releases, she’s come to realize that there’s not as much musical distance between The Doors and The Growlers — or anyone else on the current surf- and psych-rock scenes — as there seemed to be. This figures into her plans for the show: “I want to play a Doors song, then a Growlers song, then compare them. It’s a way to introduce people to new music. My dad gets this from me a lot. I’ll play him something and insist, ‘This is just like Simon and Garfunkel!’”

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