Live in Studio A, The Maheekats join host Andy Doerr on the “Roadtunes Sessions” this Tuesday, August 14. Of his next broadcast, Andy writes, “The band will start around 7:15 so stay tuned! The Maheekats are a Santa Barbara–based alternative rock band founded in 1999. Formed by principal songwriters Craig Casey Camp (bass) and Clara Efrona Hembree (guitar/vocals), the group’s sound is characterized by its post–punk, psychedelic and progressive influences; which includes unconventional song structures, abstract lyrics, and extensive use of sonic experimentation. Grace Feldmann (drums) and Marvin Dominguez (guitar) were added to the lineup in 2012. The band’s catalog consists of two independent releases, including 2001’s God Has a Cadillac Too and 2010’s Phosphorous Man. More about the Maheekats on Facebook at:

“Roadtunes Sessions” airs Tuesdays in the summer from 7-9:30pm.