poodleradiothumb_r140x140In his latest KCSBeat column in the Santa Barbara Independent, Colin Marshall gives an update on the status of Poodle Radio, the Indy‘s official radio program. Having spent a quarter on KJUC, KCSB’s AM training station, the show now prepares to go FM:

If all goes as planned, what should Poodle Radio listeners be prepared to hear from this new iteration? The program’s evolution over its 16 installments on KJUC — not that I’d recommend you listen to them all in a sitting — gives a good idea of the direction in which we’re headed. You might have noticed a recent shift from compartmentalized segments of pre-recorded conversation to live host-guest interaction. Given the greater dynamism of the latter recording style, and given the FM control room’s four dedicated guest microphones, you’ll be hearing a lot more of that in the coming quarter. Some have pushed for shouting-intensive Crossfire-style debates between ideologically opposed public figures on the most controversial topics roiling in Santa Barbara. This possibility cannot be ruled out, although the setup equally permits the hosting of live bands. Maybe one could provide the background soundtrack to the other.

Another finding to come from our KJUC experimentation is that a guest’s physical presence in the studio always soundly trumps their virtual presence on the phone line. As obvious as this notion may seem, experience has reinforced it and then some. Luckily, a probable weekday time slot on the FM schedule will make it that much easier to get real human beings on the mic, unmediated by miles of telephone cable. Not that the phone will be dispensed with altogether. Since KCSB is equipped with the technology to put live callers on the air, opportunity opens up to get the listener’s voice directly involved. Perhaps you’d like to get in on the aforementioned heated four-way arguments over Santa Barbara’s big issues (or voice a complaint about the live band currently jamming).

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