“Culture of Protest” host Prof. Dick Flacks says of tonight’s broadcast: “To observe the 70th anniversary of the opening of ‘Wizard of Oz’ we’re broadcasting a 2-hour show. We’ll examine the surprising political meanings and contexts for the Wizard (as book and film) and of the song ‘Over the Rainbow.’ The lyricist (and intellectual force) for the film was Yip Harburg. Coincidentally his great show ‘Finian’s Rainbow’ is about to open in a Broadway revival, 50 years after its last Broadway production. It too was an intriguing and significant political entertainment. And Harburg’s classic song of the great depression, ‘Buddy Can you Spare a Dime?,’ has become newly popular since it sings to our current crisis. We’ll interweave rare documentary radio material with the music.”

“Culture of Protest” airs Thursdays from 6-7pm on KCSB.