According to “Culture of Protest” host Dick Flacks:

“This year’s ‘back to school’ ‘Culture of Protest’ takes off from the 50th anniversary of the Little Rock school struggle–which has gotten good press coverage this week. It was an event that was grist for protest singers back then (and we’ll hear some results). But the most famous music inspired by those events was of course Charles Mingus’ ‘Fables of Faubus’. We’ll feature that (including the once suppressed ‘lyrics’). But the recent passing of Max Roach, and the recent 50th anniversary of Sonny Rollins Carnegie Hall debut reminded us that the Fables was one of several major jazz works that were created in the aftermath of, and in part inspired by, Little Rock. We’ll be playing the ‘freedom’ works of Roach and Rollins as well…and conclude with some of Mavis Staples’ new interpretations of civil rights anthems, to honor the marchers in Jena last week.”

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