storketowerOf his upcoming KCSB Fund Drive broadcast, Dick Flacks writes:

a time to pledge!
Dear Friends:
KCSB, Santa Barbara’s campus/community free radio voice, is now in its annual membership/fundraising mode. As usual, I’m hoping my listeners will make a contribution and I’m offering CDs of several of the most-requested recent Culture of Protest programs as thanks.
KCSB has been at 91.9 on the dial for 50 years, broadcasting 24/7. Its programming is more diverse, freewheeling and non-corporate than anything you’ll hear anywhere in the US. And virtually all of the work is done by scores of student and community volunteers. I’ve been doing my weekly show, Culture of Protest, at KCSB for more than 31 years. Doing this has been really rewarding for me — and one of the many pleasures I get from my show is support from listeners and friends when we do the asking.
You can make a pledge by calling in at 805-893-2424, or you can donate on the website with limited “thank you gift” support. The basic membership levels are $25 for UCSB students and $50 for non-students. For a basic pledge, you can request one of the following CDs of a recent show (and there is stuff on each of these that you will not easily find anywhere else!)
“the 31st anniversary show“: In June we marked our anniversary with music commemorating coinciding historic anniversaries and current events: The Rosenberg executions; Birmingham bombing—and some rare songs satirizing government surveillance.
Marx and Lennon and Lenny Bruce”: In October, we practiced Marxism-Lennonism, celebrating Groucho and John Lennon birthdays, and Lenny Bruce’s as well. With songs and material by all of these — and some other October surprises too!
MLK and Yom Hashoah—April 4 2013″We observed 45th anniversary of MLK assassination by listening to his last Memphis speech rarely heard in its entirety. And we listened to a montage of songs of resistance to the holocaust in observance of Yom Hashoah.
“Labor Day 2013”: It’s a program that provided evidence that labor songs continue to be a resource for inspiring workers to take action…new songs and old songs sung new!
You can have 2 of the above for a $75 donation, 4 for $100.
Call me when Culture of Protest is on the air: 6-7 pm PST Thursday 11/7 and 11/14 (I’ll be pitching twice during the fund drive).