About tonight’s “Art of Peace” special two hour program from 6-8pm, host Phil Levasseur writes: “In conjunction with KCSB’s annual Fund Drive we will be celebrating and focusing on the strength of grass roots media for local and global empowerment. I will be interviewing three media heros that are using film, radio and print to further the voice of Democracy.

At 615pm Carmen Lodise, author of Isla Vista: A Citizen’s History will speak about the role of the populists’ uprising of the Isla Vista Riots and how it paved the wave for progressive poltics and citizens empowerment.

At 7:10PM Gerard Ungerman, director of the film ‘Belonging’ will speak about the role of grassroots film making and the message of global warming and the impact on local cultures in the Arctic.

Finally at 7:30 pm, Emily & Sarah Kunstler, the producers/directors behind Off Center Media & co-directors of the upcoming KCSB-sponsored Santa Barbara premiere, “William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe,” will explore the life of their father, the late radical civil rights lawyer. Kunstler spoke in Isla Vista at Harder Stadium just prior to the IV riots; in the 1960s and 70s, Kunstler fought for civil rights with Martin Luther King Jr. and represented the famed “Chicago 8” activists who protested the Vietnam War.

Listen, learn and DONATE to KCSB tonight!”