As you no doubt know after all the media deluge upon David Bowie’s demise, his real name is Davey Jones, but a Monkee beat him to using it as a way to fame and fortune. Hence, the title for this show, which will take Bowie at his word, or many words, as the case may be, for in 2003 he wrote a story for Vanity Fair magazine (aka, People for readers with graduate degrees) entitled “Confessions of a Vinyl Junkie” in which he named his 25 favorite LPs. (Read the whole article here.) Out of the 2,500 vinyl LPs he owned at the time. He admits, “There is no way to do a list of my favorite albums with any rationality.” Reading that, we figured playing a cut from everyone of those albums was perfect for the highly irrational show that is ours. You’ll get a couple Bowie cuts and maybe a choice cover or two, too, but otherwise expect the obvious (Velvet Underground), the less so (Linton Kwesi Johnson), and the what the heck (Florence Foster Jenkins).

“Frank ‘n’ George” airs Tuesdays, 10 am – 12 noon this quarter (which is too warm to call winter).

David Bowie Walk of Fame Star

David Bowie Walk of Fame Star (courtesy Wikimedia Commons)