adam-turlaOn Moday, April 13th, “The Freak Power Ticket” (spring quarter from 11am-noon) featured an interview with Adam Turla, singer/guitarist/songwriter for the Bloomington, Indiana-based indie-rock group, Murder by Death.

Murder by Death’s sound has been described as a blend of Americana noir and post-punk. Cello and keys add dramatic punch to narrative songs that surround timeless characters with horror-movie motifs and old-west references. Their arrangements mix muscular rockabilly swagger with goth apocalyptic seriousness.

The band’s winter tour featured live recreations of two concept albums, their 2003 release, Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them?, and its prequel from 2008, Red of Tooth and Claw. “The Freak Power Ticket” host Ted Coe and Turla discuss: the cult popularity of the former album, plus its recent follow-up; oil wars, occult folklore, postmodern storytelling, smalltown life in the midwest, and more. The ‘cast is interspersed with an edited sampling of Murder by Death’s music.