ucb_mainlogoOn Monday’s broadcast of “The Freak Power Ticket,” Ted Coe and guest co-host Brian Granillo (drummer for Ventura’s Franklin for Short) profiled the groundbreaking satirical troupe, the Upright Citizens Brigade, which is invading the Danish town of Solvang this coming weekend to present the “Ultimate Comedy Bash,” a two-day festival of stand-up, improv, and sketch comedy.

All this after a Thursday night layover by the UCB Touring Company at UCSB’s Hub, courtesy of A.S. Program Board: free but restricted to UCSB students (barring a “fake ID” ; )

Despite having been stood up for a scheduled phone interview on Sunday by a well-known Comedy Bash participant (who probably had something better to do than appear on ‘college radio’), the erstwhile wannabe comedic duo Granillo and Coe soldiered on. A technical glitch, however, made their pre-recorded broadcast something of a “lost episode.” It’s now posted here, for posterity.

Coe regrouped enough from Monday’s technical chaos to conduct a live interview with Neil Campbell, the Artistic Director of Upright Citizens Brigade Theater Los Angeles — which has also been posted below.

The FPT “lost episode” features comedy segments which are excerpted for the podcast: 1) “Automated Operator” – Matt Besser (May I Help You Dumb Ass? ucbtheatre.com); 2) “Introduction” – Del Close and John Brent (How to Speak Hip – The Do It Yourself Psychoanalysis Kit 101 Distribution); 3) “The Apple Dumpling Gang” – Paul F. Tompkins (Impersonal AST Records); 4) “Björk” – Matt Besser (May I Help You Dumb Ass?); 5) [untitled] – Andy Kindler (unreleased bootleg recorded at the Los Angeles UCB Theatre’s Comedy Death Ray)

“The Freak Power Ticket” airs Mondays from 11am-noon (into the new year).