On Tuesday, March 11th, 6pm at the UCSB Pollock Theater, the Carsey-Wolf Center presents a free screening Frederick Wiseman‘s At Berkeley, the 2013 documentary on one of the most prestigious institutions of public learning in the world. Wiseman’s latest work of direct cinema explores life at the oldest flagship campus of the ten-campus University of California (UC) system, and “one of the finest research and teaching facilities in the world.”

Courtesy Carsey-Wolf Center.

AT BERKELEY (Tuesday, 3/11, 6pm at UCSB Pollock Theater).

After the sprawling, 244-minute motion picture, attendees are invited to participate in a post-screening Q&A with University of California, Santa Barbara Professor Janet Walker (Film & Media Studies), an expert on the documentary form, and Christopher Newfield (Department of English), a Professor of literature and American Studies.

On Monday’s edition of “The Freak Power Ticket,” Newfield will join producer/host Ted Coe for a conversation linked to this week’s free public event.

On the heels of Newfield’s recent talk at UCSB’s Interdisciplinary Humanties Center entitled “What Are Universities For?,” the program will reveal the challenges facing the UC and public higher education more generally. Coe writes: “The dismantling of affordable higher education is one of the greatest contemporary threats to the public commons, abetted by conservative attacks on intellect and science, and bureaucratic entrenchment within university administrations. At the same time, any discussion of college life, especially within the University of California system, also has to reflect on the state of student/university activism.”

Courtesy UCSB Department of English.

UCSB Professor Chris Newfield.

Author of Ivy and Industry: Business and the Making of the American University, 1880-1980 (Duke 2003) and Unmaking the Public University: The Forty Year Assault on the Middle Class (Harvard, 2008), Professor Chris Newfield also blogs on higher-education funding and policy at Remaking the University (http://utotherescue.blogspot.com), The Huffington Post, and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Inspired by his recent experiences directing study centers in France for UC’s Education Abroad Program, Newfield will also share his hope for restoration of the University’s fundamental mission of learning and enlightenment, and for renewed public support for higher ed.

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