another-marriage-equality[5]Of his next broadcast (Thursday, June 27), Dick Flacks of “Culture of Protest” writes: “SCOTUS kills DOMA.”

“On our next broadcast, we talk with UCSB Sociology Professor Verta Taylor about the SCOTUS DOMA [US Supreme Court’s ‘Defense of Marriage Act’] ruling and its layers of meaning. Professor Taylor just edited a major book with Mary Bernstein, The Marrying Kind?: Debating Same-Sex Marriage within the Lesbian and Gay Movement (University of Minnesota Press 2013), tracing the rise of gay marriage protest and the past and future of gay liberation.

Some things we’ll discuss: How did this cultural transformation happen so quickly? What does the marriage issue mean for gay identity?  And much more…

Plus appropriate music!”

“Culture of Protest” airs on Thursdays in the Summer at 6pm PDT.