At tonight’s “Forum Lounge” (7pm) at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, Patrick Melroy, Katy McCarthy, and Samantha Fretwell from Uppur Bunk Collaborative Art Space will orchestrate Quest, an experimental performance that humorously merges the art world with the digital gaming world. At CAF, guests will wander through an interactive art experience, progressing through the game by gathering tokens and talismans along their journey to the upper echelons of the art world.

A viewing of the UCSB MFA 2012 Exhibition: Headgear for Tony kicks the night off between 5 and 7 pm.

Following the performance at CAF, Uppur Bunk hosts Afterparty, a second dynamic art event held at their space in Goleta, Friday, July 6 from 8 to 10 pm.

On Monday’s edition of KCSB’s “The Freak Power Ticket,” UCSB alumni Melroy, McCarthy, and Fretwell discussed Quest, Afterparty, the formation of (and need for) the Uppur Bunk collective, UCSB’s Art Department’s support of performance art, and more.

The Contemporary Arts Forum is located upstairs at 653 Paseo Nuevo. The Uppur Bunk Collaborative Art Space is at 158 Aero Camino #C, in Goleta. Both events are free and open to the public. Tonight’s is part of the monthly “1st Thursday” evening of art and culture in downtown Santa Barbara. For more information go to or

KCSB is a media supporter of the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum’s “Forum Lounge” series.