“Culture of Protest” host Prof. Dick Flacks says of Thursday’s broadcast: “This week’s ‘Culture of Protest’ happens on Veteran’s Day. And the annual pledge drive at KCSB continues. As a Veteran’s day special, we’ll be featuring excerpts from our recent program that used songs from the Vietnam war to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the war’s end–songs that express the experience of those who fought the war…and we’re offering a CD of that broadcast as one of our thank-you gifts if you pledge.

The basic membership levels are $25 for UCSB students and $50 for non-students. By pledging, you can request one or more of the following:

Vietnam War Soundtrack–a brand new Bear Family compilation of 13 cd’s embodying an exhaustive collection of songs of the Vietnam war provided the basis for a recent show. A perfect way to observe Veteran’s Day!

Tribute to Abbey Lincoln–one of the great jazz singers, she died a few months ago and this program interwove her story and her songs

Tribute to the Fugs— Tuli Kupferberg, a Fugs leader, died recently; we presented a montage of Fugs songs that pioneered in bold satire of militarism, Mammon and much else.

Tribute to the 33 Chilean Miners–When they were finally liberated we presented a sampling of the rich musical tradition of miners over the last 150 years. A truly educational experience for me–and I think for you as well.

You can have 2 of the above for a $75 donation, 3 for $100.”

The second FUNd Drive edition of “Culture of Protest” airs from 6-7 pm (PST), this Thursday November 11th.

Call (805) 893-2424 to pledge or donate on our homepage at this website!