a very special July 4 radio experience

We mark the 34th anniversary of Culture of Protest by rebroadcasting the second show we did. On July 1, 1982 Earl Robinson was our guest. Earl was a renowned composer of progressive music. He’s most remembered for writing  “Joe Hill”. Earl lived in Santa Barbara in the 70s and 80s, and he came on the radio to help observe the 4th to talk about his classic songs about America including ‘The House I Live In” and ‘Ballad for Americans”—work deliberately intended to honor the revolutionary roots of the USA.  On the program, he performs a rarely heard song live and we talk about patriotism, the blacklist, Paul Robeson and more. I guarantee this is a great way to celebrate the Fourth

culture of protest thurs 6/30/16 6 pm pdt kcsb 91.9fm 

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