Singing The News

This week’s program features a selection of songs evoked by the news of recent days. Brexit: There’s a group of British troubadours—Leon Rosselson, Robb Johnson, Billy Bragg—who for decades have been making songs that express the declining power and the longings of the British working-class. This week I got from PM Press recent cd compilations by Leon and Robb. We select from these albums, and from Billy Bragg’s work, a collection of songs that help us think about and feel the current English situation. Immigration is one of the themes here in the US as well and we’ll hear some of the many songs relevant to that question.  And this week: A Florida jury found a former Chilean army officer liable for the murder of the popular folk singer and activist, Victor Jara in 1973.

It found that Pedro Pablo Barrientos killed the folk singer in the first days of Augusto Pinochet’s coup. Songs about Victor’s death will be played, along with his own voice.

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