Of their next broadcast, Professor Dr. Spectre and Beck Hexx write:

if u read this then u are cursed for life.
u will have a terrible lif and never get married (if ur already married u will get divorce).
the only way to un do this curse is if u follow these insturctions.
1. Retype this message 3 times
2. Press ALT + F4 three times
3. Go to THIS link
Hurry! you only have 24 hours to reverse the curse!!!


We’re sorry we had to post that, but we’ve been cursed with terrible lives and need to undo the curse this Thursday night or else we’re stuck this way forever. On our show tonight, we seek solutions for our chain mail chagrin. We are going to verbally FWD: all of you the horrible SPAM messages we’ve been cursed with to save our own souls. It will probably be an immense burden for you. We will work on alleviating that.

We will also be passing along a new mix from LA balearic house supergroup Pacific Horizons, plus an interview from the boys. Tune in tonight for another of paranormal paranoia on The Witching Hour, and have your email contacts at the ready.

Spookily yours,

Beck Hexx & The Good Professor Doctor

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