women’s history month II: international women’s day was a socialist plot


Give Us Women’s Suffrage (March 1914). Public Domain.

International Women’s Day was celebrated last Sunday (March 8). These days it is often observed as a very mainstream—even corporate—event celebrating women’s ‘success.”

What’s forgotten is that it was initiated back in 1911 by feminist leaders in the American socialist movement, was soon taken up by the socialist International—to honor the heroism and the plight of women workers.
Indeed its observance in Russia in 1917 was said to have been the spark that ignited the Bolshevik revolution, when women textile workers marked the day with a major strike.

So this week, on the radio, we’ll celebrate IWD with songs honoring women’s labor struggles, including some that were sung in the midst of the struggles by women sweatshop workers in NY—the struggles that were originally commemorated by the first IWD.

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