Nena Dein Song 2008

Nena singer of “One-Hit Wonder” 99 Luftballons (CC License)

Of her next broadcast, DJ Darla Bea writes: “This week on Santa Barbara’s School of Rock we tackle two types of popular music terms – One-Hit Wonders & Signature Songs.

DARLAPEDIA: A signature song is the one song that a popular and well-established singer/band is most closely identified with or best known for. A one-hit wonder is a musical performer with only one hit single or for having one signature song which overshadows their other work.

Featuring: Soft Cell, Dexys Midnight Runners, Toni Basil, Nena, Carl Douglas, Musical Youth, Shocking Blue, Patrick Hernandez, Petula Clark, Devo, and more!”

Listen up, get schooled, and rock out this SUNDAY January 4th, from 8-10pm on Rock It Properly.