Of his next two “Culture of Protest” broadcasts (a special program today, Wednesday, July 18, and then during its regular time slot on Thursday, July 19), Professor Richard Flacks writes: “We’re going to be able to do four hours of Woody Guthrie material this week. Our friend and radio mentor [Corey Dubin of “Inside/Out”] asked me to fill in for him on KCSB this week. So we’ll be on the radio Wednesday morning at 10-12 and then Thursday evening 6-8pm.

This gives us a lot of time to explore the wealth of stuff that has been coming out as the Woody centenary is being observed. Early Woody radio broadcasts and live performances we’ve never heard. And a wealth of performances by Woody’s children and grandchildren (his artistic as well as biological heirs) of Woody’s standards, and of new songs they’ve written based on his lyrics, and some songs about Woody as well. I’ve been worrying that this will all produce Woody fatigue but my own listening to this stuff has turned out to be mind expanding rather than numbing.

Here are the listening details
Wed 10-12am (pdt)
Thurs 6-8pm (pdt)”

“Culture of Protest” airs regularly on Thursdays in the summer from 6-7pm.